The Benefits of Using Telecom Service Agencies

Telecom Service Agencies Play a Vital Role for Your Business.

Being independent from the carriers, they try to develop a strong relationship with their clients and become an active representative for their telecom service requirements. Finding the right agent will create benefits, such as the following:Telecom Services Agencies

Telecom service agencies are authorities in their field. Telecom service agencies have a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience in telecommunications. Many agents were once employed directly by the telecom carriers and know the ins and outs of these companies. With a solid understanding of the carriers’ core products and services, their strengths and weaknesses and with access to inside information they can tell which carrier is doing well and which ones to avoid.

The Clients Best Interest is a Telecom Service Agency’s Top Priority.

They provide expert advice on what is best for your company building a relationship with you, serving your needs for the long term to make sure you don’t switch agents. Direct sales teams of telecom carriers are paid to bring in sales, they are therefore focused on the carrier’s needs.

Most direct sales teams are encouraged to acquire business but not to retain it. Whereas Telecom service agencies only receive compensation when the recommended provider is paid, so they are committed to retaining their clients’ business, as well as, maintaining quality relationships with the telecom providers. Agents like GKK Griffin | Telecom Services are paid a monthly residual commission by the vendors they represent. This billing dynamic creates an excellent incentive for a telecom agency to recommend the right solution and also provide high-quality post-sales service and support.

Telecom Service Agencies Simplify Your Life

Telecom service agencies act as the primary contact points for their clients to simplify negotiations. Negotiations can be taxing a telecom agent acts as the primary contact person to simplify communication and other tasks allowing the client to focus more time on their business.

Consulting a telecom agent makes great business sense. An agent will help find the right communications solution for your company.

“Good agencies like GKK Griffin are not middlemen, they’re advocates.” says Joe Kelly President and Founder of GKK Griffin | Telecom Services. “The telecom industry is in constant flux, there is a lot of turn-over and it’s unlikely you will have the same direct sales rep, or support team going forward this can cause headaches and strain provider relationships. Telecom agencies provide stability between your business and telecom providers.”

When technical issues arise the agent’s role as troubleshooter is a huge boon for clients. Often service providers and equipment vendors point fingers at each other and the customer gets stuck in the middle. Telecom agents take ownership of the situation to get the two vendors to work together to resolve the issue.

Telecom Agents Level the Playing Field

Telecom agents challenge service providers to stay sharp. “Our partners know a number of providers, which provides us with a great understanding of the telecom landscape,” says Jeremy Kelley, VP of Channel Sales for Rochester, NY based service provider Axiom Voice. “In order to gain access to their clients and their representation, we must prove that our products, pricing, and service are a fit for their customers. It forces us to not only talk-the-talk but walk-the-walk.”

Want to learn more about GKK Griffin | Telecom Services and how we can help you company, contact us today!

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