Management Team

Joe Kelly, President

Mr. Kelly started his telecommunications career in 2000 with CNM Network, Inc. Holding multiple key positions in Sales and Operations for both CNM Networks and the re-branded Callipso Corp. In 2004 Mr. Kelly joined HTT Global as Chief Operating Officer. As the former Chief Operating Officer of HTT Global, Mr. Kelly was directly responsible for taking HTT Global from a start-up operation to a successful nationwide long distance carrier. Under Mr. Kelly’s direction, HTT Global experienced substantial growth. He has previously held senior management positions at various companies including PipingShark Media, Komunl Communications, Galileo Networks and High Tech Telecom.

Russell Wood, Senior Vice President

Mr. Wood joined GKK Griffin in 2012 having previously overseen SEO and organic customer acquisition at PipingShark, LLC. Mr. Wood has over 15 years experience in Sales and Marketing functions both inside and outside of the telecommunications industry.

Samitra Borhanpour, Vice President of Marketing

Ms. Borhanpour joined GKK Griffin in March 2013 having previously overseen branding, marketing communications and design for companies like Warner Bros. Records, the Marketing Factory and Fever Paint Studios. Ms. Borhanpour has years of experience in Sales and Marketing. Ms. Borhanpour received a B.F.A. in Communication Arts from Otis College of Art & Design.

James Garrison, Vice President of Service

Mr. Garrison joined GKK Griffin as Vice President of Service in March of 2012 and is responsible for business development, strategy and marketing initiatives. Mr. Garrison has extensive experience in Customer Service, Sales and Operations in the advertising and digital signage industry and looks to transition his experience into a successful telecommunications career.

Travis MacAtee, Vice President of Operations

Mr. MacAtee started with GKK in 2011. His ability to manage multiple projects and have them up and running ahead of schedule has enabled GKK Griffin the advantage of adding new products to their portfolio. Mr. MacAtee oversee’s GKK Griffin’s Vendor Relations, Human Resources, and the Accounts department. Mr. MacAtee has held key Operations positions in several industries including telecommunications, oil & gas and construction.

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