Providers Partner with GKK Griffin

GKK Griffin is continuously looking to partner with additional providers who offer unique value propositions, fill niche roles or offer boutique routes. GKK Griffin in turn offers a dedicated staff of sales and marketing professionals with backgrounds in various operations roles and a firm grasp of the telecom landscape. GKK Griffin understands “traditional” marketing, as well as, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) to drive brand penetration into various industry segments within today’s marketing environment. With our extensive list of customer relationships and contacts we can get your products and services in front of numerous decision markets at various size companies across several industry segments.

Vendors Partner with GKK Griffin
GKK Griffin is also looking for companies that offer services outside the normal scope of what providers of telecom services offer. We are looking for SEO firms, web design professionals, telecom lawyers and process improvement and cost reduction consulting businesses to partner with to expand our service offerings within the telecommunications industry.

Within the telecom industry we are looking for vendors who offer voice services, specifically, local DID and toll-free origination, flat-rate or NPA/NXX domestic US termination and dialer marketing routes and capacity. Also FAS-Free international routes with strong ASRs, with DTMF and RFC-2833, both CLI and non-CLI. As with our current services, we are looking for vendors that can supply a product that provides premium voice quality not just low prices. We may be interested in SMB,enterprise and wholesale equipment vendors, cloud/hosted service solutions, mobile providers, internet access, colocation, data centers and other possible partnerships.

Interested in working with GKK Griffin and believe your company and ours would be a good fit together, then please contact us and let us know the type(s) of service(s) you offer, indicate specific routes you have available, capacity – number of ports, payment options, commission structure and billing increments.  We look forward to working with your company!

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