Telecom Services

Telecom Services from GKK Griffin

GKK Griffin’s telecom services offer unmatched quality and value. GKK Griffin has partnered with a small group of vendors to provide a line of voice services that have a strong focus on several industry segments, including call center,BPO, dialer marketing and wholesale carrier businesses. Our network partners focus on specific segments of the telecom industry allow us to offer some unique pricing models to our customers and pair those pricing models with superior service and support.

increase profits - reduce costsWhen you compare the true and total cost of telecom services including all the taxes and tariffs, bad routes and poor ASRs there is no comparison, GKK Griffin’s telecom services are superior. GKK Griffin offers Tier 1 quality without all the headache. We can get you tested, signed up and running traffic as quickly as you can sign your name on the dotted line. GKK’s aggressive rates, high quality networks and excellent support make us a great partner for your telecom services needs.

Our network partners have concentrated on delivering the best voice services so you can put them in route and not have to worry about trouble tickets and network issues and instead can focus on sales and marketing to drive revenues and increase profits. GKK Griffin’s telecom services offer a significant cost reduction when all line-items are factored in and network performance is accurately taken into account.

GKK’s Dialer Marketing Advantages

  • Aggressive rates
  • Superior network quality
  • Less headache
  • Intelligent operations teams ready to help 24/7
  • Quick testing and provisioning
Quit wasting money with vendors that do not offer the quality and support you need. Contact GKK Griffin today to see how we can help you find the telecom services you need and that can help reduce costs and increase profits.

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