Call Center

Call Center and BPO Services from GKK Griffin

GKK Griffin has partnered with a vendor who specializes in providing call center and BPO voice services. They offer the highest quality and most reliable telephony services. They have developed creative solutions and unique pricing models. They have over a decade of experience focusing on call center and BPO customers.

Call Center - BPO - Contact CenterA call center with a VoIP switch can easily interconnect via SIP and have calls running typically within 24 hours. If you have a TDM platform we can provide a Managed PRI Gateway and transition your network to SIP.

Our vendor’s network provides the fastest call setups, the maximum number of calls-per-second, and the highest call completion rates with their direct connectivity to the SS7 network. Calls are routed efficiently and call quality is insured via a proprietary Quality of Service algorithm. They offer simplified pricing, superior quality and stellar service.

While many other providers are simply resellers, our partner’s network terminates directly to Tier 1 TDM/SS7 carriers with geographically diverse SIP clusters and fail-over operations at all critical junctures of the network. They service customers all over the world and have processed over 58 billion calls to date.

GKK’s Call Center Advantages

  • Taxes included in the per minute rate
  • Commercial grade voice quality
  • Short duration call mitigation
  • Managed PRI Gateway
  • Supports G.729 & G.711 codecs
  • Simplified Invoices
GKK Griffin’s has worked to find a network partner that offers the necessary voice quality call centers and BPO companies require while also passing on a significant cost reduction. Our vendor has some unique advantages that we hope all of GKK Griffin’s Call center and BPO customers can appreciate in simplified invoicing, so you know what your “true” per minute cost is and a managed PRI Gateway which can convert TDM to SIP for a realized network cost savings. Our network partner’s switching capacity can handle a high volume of concurrent calls and they can quickly provision additional capacity if needed.

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