Wholesale Origination

Wholesale Origination from GKK Griffin

GKK Griffin’s wholesale origination services include local DID and toll-free origination. Our vendors work with LEC and CLECs to provide local and toll-free origination services that will work for both legacy (TDM) and IP enabled customers.

Local DID or Toll-Free OriginationGKK has partnered with a small number of carriers to offer the best wholesale origination services possible. Both local and toll-free wholesale origination services offer competitive rates and superior network architecture with commercial grade voice quality.

GKK Griffin has a large inventory of local DIDs in over 8000 rate centers in the United States and Canada. We offer competitive order pricing and per minute rates, T.38 DIDs, e911 (where available), CNAM storage and 411 listings.

Maintain RespOrg and route to our specified CIC codes or we can handle the RespOrg changes on our end, which ever is easier for the customer. GKK Griffin has a large inventory of 800, 855, 866 and 888 toll-free numbers including vanity numbers. We offer competitive toll-free origination rates in the contiguous 48 Unites states and large portions of Canada.

GKK’s Dialer Marketing Advantages

  • Competitive origination pricing
  • Commercial grade voice quality
  • Large origination footprint
  • Supports G.729 & G.711 codecs
  • T.38 with G.711 fallback fax support
Contact GKK Griffin about our wholesale origination services today so we can send you a quote for local and/or toll-free origination. GKK Griffin has worked to locate vendors who have a large and competitive origination footprint and who can provision numbers and make routing changes expediently. Our network partners have the capacity to handle high volumes of concurrent calls and can provision additional capacity quickly. Contact us today for a quote or to set up a test of our origination services.

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