Wholesale Termination

Wholesale Termination from GKK Griffin

GKK Griffin’s wholesale termination services center around our relationship with a network partner that built their network to deliver excellent quality and a healthy cost-competitive rate structure in the domestic US termination market. GKK Griffin then established relationships with other vendors to supplement that key US termination offering and expand our international termination service. From Aruba to Zimbabwe GKK Griffin has you covered in the A-Z international termination market.

Wholesale Voice TerminationGKK Griffin is working to make a strong product stronger by continuously looking for new vendors who can add value to GKK Griffin and our customers as well as working with our existing vendors to develop even more enticing value-propositions.

Quality is paramount, without quality vendors the lost rates in the world mean nothing if the calls fall and end up routing to the third or fourth carrier in your LCR table. At GKK Griffin we believe that quality comes first but we also strive to offer highly competitive wholesale termination rates. Can you really afford to sacrifice quality for price?

GKK’s Dialer Marketing Advantages

  • Aggressive rates
  • High quality termination network
  • Less than one trouble ticket per 1.5 million minutes
  • Intelligent operations team ready to help 24/7
  • Supports G.729 & G.711 codecs
  • T.38 with G.711 fallback fax support
  • Bills and rates by LRN (Local Routing Number)
GKK Griffin’s in partnership with key vendors proudly offers one of the strongest termination products in the industry, comprised of Tier 1s, direct connects, boutique FGD providers and On-net FGDs. Winning millions of minutes from RBOCs, Tier 1 Carriers and other large wholesale customers. Contact GKK Griffin today to take a look at the pricing and see how much we can help lower your operating costs. Then we can set up a network test and further discuss the offer details.

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